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Being a ninth-generation shoemaker, you’d imagine Floris van Bommel arriving home, tired feet kicking off designer shoes and slipping on the world’s comfiest slippers. Enjoying that precious moment of transition from work to home life, everyone’s daily ritual after a hard day’s work, eh? Well you’d imagine rightly, only Floris’ quest to find slipper perfection hasn’t been as easy as you might think….. 

A self-confessed slipper-aholic, Floris annually scours the entire internet in search of his Holy Grail – the perfect pair of slippers. His hunt usually starts around autumn but on occasions as early as mid-summer. And his selection has been diverse, trying slippers of all shapes and sizes. From the cheap to the expensive, from designer brands to no-name big and fluffy.

During this year’s slipper search Floris discovered us, Kingdom of Wow, a fellow Dutch brand creating ethical footwear in Cambodia. We can tell you, there was a flurry of excitement as we processed his order for handmade wool slippers.

As confident as we are about creating a great product, the excitement soon edged a little towards trepidation. A natural response perhaps to your footwear being under the scrutiny of another shoe designer and a famous one to boot. Any fears however quickly evaporated when Floris confirmed he was thrilled with his purchase adding that his Kingdom of Wow slippers were “quite close to perfection”.

A FULL slipper endorsement came a few weeks later, with the invitation to join his personally chosen collection of Floris’ Favorites. And the Floris x KOW slippers were afoot.

Slippers with Floris flair

A Floris exclusive, the Floris x KOW slippers are hand crocheted from a blend of soft grey wool and bamboo yarn. Each pair features funky Floris-blue suede tags and are finished with branded suede soles adding a touch of Floris flair. And come with a personal Floris duimen omhoog…..

“They fit perfectly, they’re nice and warm (but not too warm) have a nice fit around the heel, the suede outsole is absolutely heaven, they’re even biodegradable and the makers in Cambodia earn a ‘fair-wage producing them”

This holiday season you too can follow in the footsteps of shoe designer Floris van Bommel and discover cosy at-home comfort “quite close to perfection”.

Do you suffer from your own slipper addiction? Kick the habit. Seek comfort here.


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