Enjoy the
of slow

with a little bit of everyday luxury

Ethically Handmade Wool Slippers

The care found in every pair

  • 1,000 metres of soft quality yarn
  • 4 hours of handmade care in every pair
  • 3 years of product development for the perfect fit
  • 2 soft split-leather soles
  • 1 unique “heel-hugging” design

Named cosiest barefoot indoor shoes by Barefoot Influencer Andrew Folts. Watch the review here.  

KOW Handcrafted Wool Slippers

Goodbye slipper sock slippage!

All our slippers come with a unique “heel-hugging” design.

Many hours of tweaking and adjustment went into creating uncompromising stay-on comfort.

Our pre-shaped heel, combined with chunky yarns, contributes to the sturdy feeling of your Kingdom of Wow! slippers.

WOW! feeling
in 5 easy steps

Wearing your lushly-crocheted wool slippers for the first time?

Follow these five simple steps to maximise comfort.


Wiggle toes in until snug in front.

KOW Slippers - Wiggle Toes


Pull up the heel.

KOW - Feeling Slippers


Gently fasten the button.

KOW - Fasten the Button


Hold the sole below your heel and adjust to your liking.

KOW - Wearing Slippers


Slowly stand and take a stroll - dance or just enjoy your happy feet!

KOW - Walk in your slippers!

All good things take time

Comfort in the making

A blend of 1,000 metres of soft, quality yarn and 4 hours of care and dedication goes into creating your Kingdom of Wow! slippers. They are finished with a hand-stitched supple leather sole for long-lasting comfort.

Designed to last

Our choice of sustainable materials allows you to tread lightly on our planet. A blend of Icelandic Lopi wool and eco-friendly bamboo yarn makes your slippers durable, keeping you warm and cosy for many winters to come. Read more

Carbon compensated footwear

Footwear that is carbon compensated

How Kingdom of Wow helps to protect tropical rainforests in Cambodia.