Here are a few common questions we receive about Kingdom of Wow and our products.

About our slippers

Your Kingdom of Wow slippers are made entirely of yarn which is a super flexible material. That’s why they can accommodate two regular shoe sizes. When in doubt or you’re a half size, it’s best to choose the smaller size. For example, if you’re size EUR 39.5 we’d recommend you take size EUR 38 – 39. The yarn will stretch and shape to your feet, it can’t do this if the slipper is too large.

Help us get your order right first time by taking a simple foot measurement. Mark the front of your longest toe and the bottom of your heel, then check the length in the size chart below. Easy-peasy eh!? This simple task can help avoid unnecessary returns and reduce your impact on the planet!

Our slippers are designed to be worn without socks. If you wish to wear with socks please add a little extra to your measurement to allow for this. Or simply measure your feet when wearing socks.

Slipper Size Chart

22.6 – 23.5cmEUR 36 – 37UK 4 – 4.5
23.6 – 24.5cmEUR 38 – 39UK 5 – 6
24.6 – 25.5cmEUR 40 – 41UK 7 – 7.5
25.6 – 26.5cmEUR 41 – 42UK 7.5 – 8.5
26.6 – 27.5cmEUR 42 – 43UK 8.5 – 9.5
27.6 – 28.5cmEUR 44 – 45UK 10 – 11
28.6 – 29.5cmEUR 45 – 46UK 11 – 11.5
29.6 – 30.5cmEUR 47 – 48UK 12.5 – 13

Winter: 65% New Zealand wool and 35% bamboo yarn. Handmade from four strands of yarn for a cosy upper.

Summer: 75% New Zealand wool and 25% bamboo yarn. Handmade from two strands of yarn for a light and airy upper.

Our slippers were originally designed for keeping your feet snug and warm in the colder months. When we received more and more requests from customers for a lightweight slipper to keep feet and floors protected in the warmer months too, we decided to design a summer collection.

Both our winter and summer slippers are finished with a soft leather sole. The difference being the crocheted upper, the summer slipper being around half the thickness of our winter collection. 

New to the barefoot community or interested in starting to wear barefoot shoes? Visit What is Barefoot Footwear?

For seasoned barefooters, our slippers should fit snugly to start, this allows the flexible yarns to work their magic and mould to the unique curvature of your feet. This experience maybe a little different to what you’re used to with other barefoot footwear. The slipper upper will fit around your feet like a second skin giving maximum flexibility. 

Still unsure? Check out barefoot guru, Andrew Folt’s review of our barefoot slippers.

Nope. Your Kingdom of Wow slippers are made from quality yarns with up to 65% New Zealand wool. Just like the wool on sheep, your slippers will keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. This is known as thermoregulation and is a unique property of wool.

Still concerned your feet might be too warm in our slippers? Check out our collection of lightweight summer slippers. 

Natural fibres such as wool rarely lead to contact-allergies. But on sensitive skins these fibres can sometimes cause itching or irritation. Generally, the better the quality of the wool, the less chance there is of irritation. And we’ve got some of the very best quality yarns in our slippers!

Kingdom of Wow slippers are made for indoor use. We added a leather sole to protect the slippers from wear and tear and to keep you safe on smooth surfaces. However if you need to take out the rubbish in your slippers, go for it! But, if you need to pop out to the shops for milk, we’d recommend you slip into outdoor shoes.

You can machine wash your Kingdom of Wow slippers occasionally using a cool wool programme, then dry flat. However you’ll find that due to the wool’s breathability, your slippers will remain quite odour-free.

The shape of the leather sole follows the shape of your foot: just like the arches of your feet don’t touch the ground, neither will your Kingdom of Wow slippers. Using a full sole would have limited the stretching properties of the yarn. To maximise comfort, we prefer the slippers to shape to your feet instead of forcing your feet to fit the shape of the footwear.

About our espadrilles

Your Kingdom of Wow espadrilles are made in standard European sizes. Sizes available are shown below in a handy size chart including UK sizing too.

The espadrilles are made from cotton canvas or denim so can stretch a little with wear. Espadrilles should feel a little tight when first wearing to allow for this give in the fabric.

Still not sure of your size? Simply measure your feet by marking the front of your longest toe and the back of your heel bone on paper. Measure the length and use the chart to confirm your size. Easy! This simple task can help avoid unnecessary returns and reduce your impact on the planet!

For those with a high instep, we recommend the ExtraFit with flexible elastic band to maximise your comfort on the instep.

Women’s Size Chart for Espadrilles

22.5cmEUR 35UK 3
23cmEUR 36UK 4
23.5cmEUR 37UK 4.5
24cmEUR 38UK 5.5
24.5cmEUR 39UK 6
25cmEUR 40UK 7
25.5cmEUR 41UK 7.5

Men’s Size Chart for Espadrilles

25.5cmEUR 40UK 7
26cmEUR 41UK 7.5
26.5cmEUR 42UK 8.5
27cmEUR 43UK 9.5
28cmEUR 44UK 10
28.5cmEUR 45UK 11
29.5cmEUR 46UK 11.5
30cmEUR 47UK 12.5
30.5cmEUR 48UK 13

Kingdom of Wow is working to create larger sizes across our summer collection to accommodate those with bigger feet! We currently have stock of sizes EUR 46 – 48 here.

Our ExtraFit design is fitted with a flexible elastic band that maximises comfort on the instep. These designs can be worn by anyone however offer ready-to-wear comfort for those with a high instep. 

Our Classic design, as the name suggests, offers a more traditionally styled espadrille without the fitted elastic band.  

Yes! Your Kingdom of Wow espadrilles are traditionally worn outdoors during summer months. They’re the perfect choice for sunshine filled holidays. 

Remove excess dirt from your espadrilles gently with a soft brush. Clean with a damp cloth using a small amount of mild washing liquid (without chlorine bleach). Rinse with a clean cloth and dry naturally. We do not recommended machine washing or submerging fully in water as this may over time compromise the glue used to attach the jute soles and organic rubber outer. 

Should the adhesive become compromised over time, we recommend you use cement glue to carefully repair the soles of your espadrilles. 

Shipping & Returns

All orders placed before 5pm in The Netherlands will be delivered the next working day.

For Germany and Belgium shipment will take an additional working day, a little longer for other European locations. You’ll receive a shipment notification with tracking information after you’ve placed your order.

Feel free to drop us a line at hello@kingdomofwow.eu if you’ve any questions about the whereabouts of your order.

Simply send us an email if you have any problems with your Kingdom of Wow footwear or if you wish to return or make an exchange. Returning your order is possible within 30 days of receiving your order with our Wow! Comfort Challenge. Take a look at our return policy here.

If you’re flying through international departures at Phnom Penh airport in Cambodia, swing by our first ever boutique store. Created in partnership with Claycult, you can check out their colourful ceramic jewellery too. Our footwear can also be easily purchased online. We sell in Europe, the U.S.A. and a little in the United Kingdom and Japan.

The NetherlandsFREE
Austria€ 5.00
Belgium€ 3.00
Bulgaria€ 7.50
Croatia€ 6.00
Czech Republic€ 5.00
Denmark€ 5.00
Estonia€ 7.50
Finland€ 10.00
France€ 6.00
Germany€ 3.00
Greece€ 7.50
Hungary€ 6.00
Ireland€ 14.00
Italy€ 6.00
Latvia€ 7.50
Lithuania€ 7.50
Luxembourg€ 5.00
Norway€ 27.00
Poland€ 5.00
Portugal€ 6.00
Romania€ 6.50
Slovakia€ 6.00
Slovenia€ 6.00
Spain€ 6.50
Sweden€ 9.00
Switzerland€ 26.00

Located in North America? Visit our U.S. site here.

For the cost to ship to other destinations, please drop us a line at info@kingdomofwow.eu.

Note our shipping costs excluded any duty or custom fees required when shipping internationally. 

We ship worldwide! Our logistical lines are set for The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and other European countries. But if you want us to ship to another destination we’ll be happy to help! Just drop us a line at info@kingdomofwow.eu and we’ll work it out together. Or if you’re located in the U.S. visit us at kingdomofwow.com.

IMPORTANT NOTE for our UK customers. Due to Brexit we’re no longer able to ship directly to the UK from The Netherlands. However don’t dismay! Simply order here and we’ll arrange to fulfill your order directly from our workshop in Cambodia.  

About our brand

Making our footwear is handmade entirely by our local team and a real work of love.

Our wool slippers are hand-crocheted. The soles are hand-cut and punched from supple leather then hand-sewn with care onto the slippers. They are finished with carefully selected accessories. 

The cotton canvas of our espadrilles are hand-cut with precision to strict size patterns. Once machine sewn, the cotton uppers are pinned to the jute soles then hand-sewn together using traditional blanket stitch.

See inside our workshop here

All our footwear is handmade in Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder. We have our own workshop based in Siem Reap, a stone’s throw away from the amazing Angkorian temples. 

Make a virtual visit to our workshop here

Cambodia is affectionately known as Kingdom of Wonder. Our brand name, Kingdom of Wow is a play on this nickname.

Glad you asked! We want to make comfortable footwear that helps you relax, but do so responsibly. This makes providing a fair, safe and healthy work environment a top priority for us and is the reason why we run our own production workshop. Keeping manufacturing in-house means we don’t just check and monitor, but are the decision makers for the wages paid, the working environment, the insurances and benefits, and much more. It also helps us to keep track of our supply chain and monitor suppliers – probably one of the biggest challenges for conscious brands.

Our intention is to source and produce to leave as smallest footprint as possible. A big goal for a small brand, but we make our choices to consider carefully our impact on the planet.

If you like what we’re doing and would like to lend a hand, check out Professionals Doing Good. If we have any positions available, you’ll find them there!