‘On the run’ relaxation: Finding balance in flexible footwear


Finding your balance in flexible footwear

Exactly one year ago we were sat here at this very same table, gazing past the very same whiteboard into the now slighter larger banana trees looking for inspiration.  Our assignment: to write a slogan. And to be fair, we did, last year, we came up with plenty, all on a theme of ‘balance’ and ‘relaxation’. Because that’s what our slippers are about: in the bustle of everyday life, there’s no little room to sit down, cup of coffee in hand and slowly savour the taste while staring dreamily outside. That’s just the Insta pic, right?

In real life it looks more like this: you come home after a long day at work, place the kids in front of the TV, prepare dinner and do 31 small chores in the process. At dinner you’re up every two minutes to fetch the wipes, get missing cutlery or replace those thrown to the floor by a tantruming toddler. After dinner you tidy up, bathe the children, get them off to bed. Only then you can finally sit down, to find yourself opening your laptop to catch up on the work you missed, because you had to pick up a sick child from school. OK, I’m projecting now. But you get the point: most of us—children or not—live busy lives and a lot needs to happen ‘on the run’.

This is what we had in mind when we started Kingdom of Wow: you’re still running, just not in shoes that confine your feet! Because we can’t change the fact that you’re running, only how you are. Our slippers follow the curvature of your feet, and this is where relaxation begins.

Benefits of flexible footwear

Your feet have a very high concentration of nerve endings that send all these tiny messages to the brain, needed for balance. With total disregard to this, we stuff our feet in thick leather shoes with the strangest un-footlike shapes, and make our bodies work overtime to sense and send the right info to our brains. Well, you get my point: wearing flexible footwear, even while running after the dog whose just escaped his annual shampoo and about to give your home a whiff of ‘eau de wet dog’, will help your body to relax.

But back to the slogans. We came up with lots, none surviving the scrutiny of our team. And so we entered last winter with an internal slogan “better no slogan than a bad one!”. But a new season is looming and we’ve beautiful, limited editions to launch! A collection of 7 new colours, with tasty names like Wine, Mango and Chai.


And so we’re back to staring into the banana trees. And all I can think is how lovely it is that I have these to stare at, rather than the blind wall outside the window of my first job, or even the Shanghai skyline of my last. It seems I’ve found my balance. Found my balance…. find your balance…. hmmm I might be on to something here!